Request for

Transfer of Ownership

The purpose of Transfer of ownership of your VIVIFI Account or number is to change the Name and NRIC/ID tagged on the account to another person (new owner).

The change will take around 5 business days to be completed from the day the new owner receives a notification email from VIVIFI.

A one time charge of $22.00 (inclusive of GST) applies for each Transfer of Ownership request. This fee will be charged to the new owner. 

There is no refund of pro-rated monthly fee on the month when transfer of ownership takes place. 

The process

1. You will need to obtain the new owner's email to be used to register for a new VIVIFI account, and the new owner's last 4 digits of NRIC/ID. 
2. You will fill up the form below and submit it 
3. If information provided is correct, you will receive a Request Number via email, and the new owner will receive a email on the next steps. 

Important Note: 

- Please check the Terms & Conditions 

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