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Data Roaming Guide

Travelling with VIVIFI Mobile Plan. When required, email us [email protected]

(1) Choose the correct Roaming Pack

Tips - Check usage balance of roaming pack

  • Click on Dasboard > Roaming Usage to check your near real-time usage.
  • SMS Notification will also be sent on 80% and 100% utilisation of each roaming pack purchased. 

(2) Purchase on the day of departure 

The roaming pack gets activated immediately on purchase. 

  1. Toggle the right roaming pack
  2. Make sure the Global Roaming option is turned on, if not, toggle it on.
  3. Submit the order.

(Sometimes, OTP can be slow. Please do not hurry to make a repeated purchase. Please reload and check if the purchase was successful)

Tips - Need more data

  • You can stack up a roaming pack (i.e. make more than 1 purchase of the same roaming pack).
  • Once the first roaming pack's data is depleted, it will auto switch to the next roaming pack.

(3) On Arrival at Destination

  1. Turn off Automatic network select, and Manual select the local carrier that is a partner of VIVIFI. Please check the latest roaming partner list
  2. Turn on your mobile phone's Mobile Data option.
  3. Turn on your mobile phone's Data roaming option, if any.

Tips - A successful Data Roaming 

  1. Make sure Global Roaming option in your account is turned on
  2. Get a Mobile Signal for your phone by choosing the local carrier in our partner list
  3. Turn on Mobile Data option on your phone
  4. Turn on Roaming Data option on your phone
  5. For mutli-sim phones, please make sure that your have selected VIVIFI sim for Data.

(4) Still no Data

Check your APN settings. 

Go to your APN settings, 

  • set APN Profile : Singtel(Postpaid)
  • APN Name : e-ideas

Toggle your airplane mode


Android : Settings > Connections > Mobile networks > Access Point Name 

iPhone : Settings > Mobile Data > Mobile Data Network

Otherwise, get help. 

Visit our FAQ or mail [email protected] 

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