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Get your kiddo with our latest OX-SEE 4G Smart Watch +

12 months complimentary VIVIFI Plus (9GB) Plan Subscription  


save up to 25% for limited time and while stock last

Smartwatches aren’t just for adults! Many smartwatches for children have educational games, GPS trackers, and SOS buttons. They help you keep track of your little ones when they’re at school or with friends. The two-way calls function enables you to stay in contact with your little ones too.

Introducing OX-SEE watch, the latest smart watch for kids to let parents have an ease of mind.

Wear it or keep it in school bag!

Start nurturing your kids independence!

View Kiddo's location anytime, anywhere. All day long location trace and get alert when the location is out of preset safe zone. 

Perfect to set only whitelist callers!

Simply, one button for answer and one button for hang up. Blocks all unknown, anonymous and spam calls.

Mobile apps ready to synchronise and track!

Selection of APPs that can be installed and enables/disables usage of installed APPs via Watch's Mobile APP.

2 colours available for him and her! 

Let them choose and match their outfit of the day.


Get smart now

 Online Application

For New VIVIFI Plus (9GB) Subscriber

Step 1 - Click button below

Sign up VIVIFI Plus (9GB) Plan with promo code VSMARTKID 

Log in to your VIVIFI account and click on "My Account". Look out for Billing Account under "Your Details" and pen it down

Get hold of your SIM Card and activate it. 

Existing and New Plus (9GB)  Subscribers

Step 2 - Click button below

Fill up and submit the order form. You can order more than one Smart Watch. 

Please indicate your VIVIFI Billing Account number, and your VIVIFI Me Mobile Number.

Existing and New Plus (9GB) Subscribers

Step 3 - Wait for deduction

Make sure there is sufficient funds in your credit/debit card with VIVIFI

A deduction will be made within 2 working days from purchase.


Existing and New Plus (9GB) Subscribers

Step 4 - Wait for delivery

Wait for delivery by OX-SEE

Estimated delivery : Up to 7 working days.


For existing non VIVIFI Plus Customers, please email [email protected] for this offer

or visit

UNBOX with your Kid

tips to setup

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For our Seniors and Children 


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For you who wants to stay connected


9GB, 350mins, 200sms


For you who needs a lot of data


50GB, 350min, 300sms


For you and your family

$40/mth + $6/mth (per subline)

180GB, 1000mins 100sms

After Sales Support


OX-SEE Hotline

+65 88609240
Monday to Friday 
8.00am to 8.00pm

OX-SEE Email

[email protected]


12 Months 

from Delivery Date 

Guaranteed Repair

within 7 days

Repair or issue new watch within 7 working days 

Terms and conditions apply

Hardware Specifications


Android 9.0


IP67 Water Proof




1,000 mAh Battery


USB Charging


Watch's Mobile APP (IOS, Android)

Terms and Conditions 

General Promo Terms & Conditions 

1. Promotion is valid from 8th June 2022 to 8th July 2022.

2. One time payment of $198 is required in order to receive 1 piece of OX-SEE watch and 12 months complimentary VIVIFI Plus (9GB) Plan subscription.

3. Customer will be notified of the delivery for OX-SEE watch upon successful payment deduction by VIVIFI.

4. The complimentary 12 months VIVIFI Plus (9GB) plan subscription is applicable for 12 months, thereafter it will revert to the normal chargeable rate. Any other purchases made or excess usages incurred will be chargeable to the customer.

5. OX-SEE Kid Smart Watch comes with 1 year warranty under local OX-SEE authorized dealer, OX-KIDS PTE LTD. 

6. Delivery and all post-purchase services of OX-SEE watch will be handled by OX-KIDS PTE LTD.

7. This promotion is not valid with other VIVIFI promotions.

8. The management reserves the right to amend the terms and conditions at their sole discretion without prior notice.

Additional Terms & Conditions for NEW VIVIFI Plus Customers 

1. Customer must first sign up for a new VIVIFI Plus (9GB) plan and enter the promo code at the Checkout page. Customer must then submit the order for the watch.

2. New customers using the promo code will be eligible to enjoy the complimentary 12 months of Plus (9GB) Plan subscription upon successful payment completion and activation of SIM Card.

3. All new VIVIFI Plus plan subscribers must activate the SIM card successfully by 22nd July 2022.

4. If SIM activation is not completed by 22nd July 2022, the complimentary 12 months of VIVIFI Plus (9GB) plan subscription will be forfeited.

Additional Terms & Conditions for Existing VIVIFI Plus customers 

1. Existing VIVIFI customers are required to fill-up the OX-SEE watch purchase form by 8th July 2022 to be eligible for the promo. 

2. For existing customers on VIVIFI Plus (9GB) plan, once payment for the promo has been successfully deducted by VIVIFI, the complementary 12 months of VIVIFI Plus (9GB) plan subscription will commence on the 1st day of the following month.

3. For existing customers on other VIVIFI plans, once payment for the promo has been successfully deducted by VIVIFI, a change to VIVIFI Plus (9GB) plan will be made by VIVIFI on 15th June, 21st June, 7th July or 15th July. The complimentary 12 months VIVIFI Plus (9GB) plan subscription will commence upon change completion to VIVIFI Plus (9GB) plan.

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